We provide person-centred care for young people, enabling them to achieve a better future. We offer therapeutic crisis intervention residential accommodation that supports young people with better coping mechanisms. Our services enable Looked after Children to gain the skills and confidence to progress from residential homes to semi-independent living or returning home to their families whenever it is possible.
Children Residential Care (8-16years) Young People Supported and Semi-Independent living (16-18years) Short-Term and Long-Term Placements Planned and Emergency Placements
Residential Care for Children & Young People


We take referrals for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties from all backgrounds aged 8-16years. We also take referrals for young people leaving care aged between 16-18years preparing for independent living. To submit a referral please send an email to semihouse@virginmedia.com


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Ofsted Quotes

"The children at this home receive good quality care and are making good progress from starting points" January 2020 "Children voice their views during key working and residents meeting" January 2020 "Relationships between the school and home staff are particularly strong. Good communication means that children transition from home to school is well managed and regular information sharing helps the children to be organised" January 2020 Read more..
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